Feb 7, 2014

FAQ [ Where is the seat? ]

Are you existing or nervous for your first flight by balloon? We have many guests who will fly as the very first time. Don't be afraid! It is calm and quiet in the sky more than you expected. Here is some questions we got and it may help for your first time:)

How can I get on the basket without door?

There is NO door to enter the basket but there is the small holes beside. You just need to put your feet on it and climb up. It is not easy for some of you but don't worry, Rainbow Balloons POWERFUL staffs will help! hold and put you inside.

Where is my seat?

You will stand during the flight about 1 hours for standard flight. There is NO seat.
We know that you are too busy to taking pictures and enjoying views, no time to have seats even there is.

Window side please!

There is no aisle or window seats. Upper part of the basket is open without window. All of you can enjoy the view equally.

For further questions and concern, please feel free to contact us or visit FAQ on our webpage: 

Webpage:  www.rainbowballoons.net 
e-mail: fly@rainbowballoons.net

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