Dec 13, 2013

White snow and blue sky...

At last we flew... We can fly 300 days in a year and we cancel just 60 days, because of fast wind or rain in cappadocia. Last two days was the two of that 60 days :-). Wind was 8 km/h and visibility was perfect this morning. We started to fly with my lovely Indonesian passengers from in front of Zelve open museum . Our next stop was Paşabağları. We hang out over the fairy chimneys and St. Simon chappel about 10 minutes. I climbed to thousend feet as fast as possible and  arrived to over Göreme in ten minutes. Because of the snow panorama was beautiful, we can see all details of landscape. Our last stop was Zemi Valley " our naughty locals calls as Love valley". A short visit to Zemi enough for my passengers. They have allways rush. Landing to trailer softly and cheers with champagne. An ordinary day for a RAINBOW PILOT :-)

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