Jan 11, 2014

Fly Over CAPPADOCIA - Valleys

Cappadocia is a world that is filled with unique treasures. While trekking through the valleys of fairy chimneys, you may explore untouched ares and capture unequalled moments. Most of those trips turn into an adventure as the environment imply invites the travellers to discover its depths.

Love Valley
Do you want to see real Fairy chimeneys?
Then visit Love valley.
One of famous valleys with Fairy chimneys which is located just out side of Goreme village.

Meskendere Valley
Go down to the direction of Rose & Red valley, you will reach to the other valley, called Meskendere.
It is one of the best TAKE OFF area for balloons.

Rose Valley
The valley was named from the rose colored rocks which will change color depending on the time of day.

Zelve Valley
Three valleys combined and called Zevle valley. There is no inhabitants now however it was important settlement and religious area between the 9th and 13th centuries. Christians moved to Zelve during the Persian and Arab invasions.

Pigeon Valley
Between Goreme village and Uchisar village. It is known there are many pigeon live in dovecote which were created ancient residents.

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